About A Hemisphere of Knowledge: A Benson Centennial Exhibit

The works included in this exhibit are used for educational purposes only and are used to advance a discussion of knowledge production across the Americas. I am thankful to the creators for adding their thoughts and beliefs to the public record.

Additional thanks are due to the many Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection staff who helped make this exhibit possible: Adrian Johnson, Albert Palacios, Brooke Womack, Carla Alvarez, Dylan Joy, Melissa Guy, Rachel Winston, Robert "Bobby" Esparza, Ryan Lynch, Ryan Sullivant, Susan Kung, Susanna Sharpe, and Theresa Polk.

I acknowledge that the University of Texas at Austin is on the Indigenous land of the Tonkawa, who lived in central Texas. The Comanche and Apache moved through this area. Today, various Indigenous peoples from all over the globe call Austin home. While honoring the many diverse Indigenous Peoples still connected to this place, we acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory. Recognizing the land in this way is an expression of deep appreciation for those who were here before us. We are grateful to be able to work, study, and learn on this piece of Turtle Island.

Citation: Arbino, Daniel, curator. (2021). A Hemisphere of Knowledge: A Benson Centennial Exhibit. https://spotlight-prod.lib.utexas.edu/spotlight/hemisphere-of-knowledge